FWCH Emergency Department offers 15-minute guarantee


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Franklin Woods Community Hospital is using an innovative way to draw emergency patients – a 15-minute guarantee.

Knowing that one of the hardest parts of visiting an emergency department is the long wait that can sometimes ensue, FWCH is ensuring that patients will see a nurse, physician or midlevel provider within 15 minutes of their arrival. If they don’t get in within that time frame, the patient will receive a $25 Visa gift card that can be used nearly anywhere.

So far, the hospital hasn’t had to give out any gift cards.

“Our goal is to have our patients seen by a nurse, physician or physician’s assistant within 15 minutes of arrival so we can begin the treatment process,” said David Nicely, CEO of FWCH.

“Unless you’re having a heart attack or you’re truly a trauma patient, Franklin Woods Community Hospital is where you can go for emergency care,” Nicely said. “The wait time is going to be a lot less. You have the same physician group treating you, and other than that trauma or that true heart attack, we can take care of you.”

Nicely added that while the public has received the program well overall, some patients have misunderstood the 15-minute time frame, thinking that their entire treatment should be completed in 15 minutes. He reiterated that the 15-minute guarantee refers to the time between the patient’s arrival and when he or she is seen by a physician, nurse or midlevel provider.

The 15-minute guarantee program will run for three months, after which FWCH leadership will re-evaluate it to determine whether to continue the program.

Mountain States Health Alliance continues to post wait times for all of its emergency departments, including FWCH, on its website, www.msha.com as well as mobile on www.itriagehealth.com.

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