Johnson County Community Hospital to receive national award


MOUNTAIN CITY, Tenn. – Johnson County Community Hospital (JCCH) has been selected to receive the 2011 Rural Health Quality Award from the National Rural Health Association. The hospital’s commitment to excellence motivated the Emergency Department (ED) team members to begin the ED patient satisfaction project. In response to patient satisfaction surveys, the team reduced the wait time for behavioral consults and took steps to reduce the ambient noise level in patient rooms and hallways. Survey scores improved after these measures were taken. JCCH team members create an environment of patient-centered care where:
  • Care is based on continuous healing relationships;
  • The patient is the source of control for his or her care;
  • Care is customized and reflects patient needs, values, and choices;
  • All team members are considered caregivers;
  • Care is provided in a healing environment of comfort, peace, and support; and
  • All caregivers cooperate with one another through a common focus on the best interests and personal goals of the patient.
  • According to assessments by the National Rural Health Association, patients are more likely to seek medical attention before health problems escalate to emergency status, due in part to the JCCH team members’ efforts in these areas.
  • The 2011 Rural Health Quality Award will be presented in May at the National Rural Health Annual Conference in Austin, Tx.
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