Moved by the needs of young patients, medical students give back to Woodridge Willow Unit


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – When third-year medical student Jacqueline Vidosh entered a rotation in the Willow Unit at Woodridge Hospital (WH) last year, she was greatly moved by the stories of the adolescents who are treated there. The Willow Unit is devoted to the care of children and adolescents, many of whom come from difficult backgrounds and family situations. Vidosh and her fellow students saw that some of the children did not have basic necessities like clean clothing, so they took it upon themselves to raise money and supplies for the children. 

“At the time, I was looking to volunteer and to give of myself,” said Vidosh, who is now in her fourth year of medical school. “It would have been a disservice for me not to do anything. Since I have been so richly blessed, it was my time to give back.” 

The students created the Laughing Willow Fundraiser, a chili cookout that gathered nearly $2,500 in cash and supplies for the children. The medical students donated clothes, underwear, school supplies, books, toiletries, art supplies, and computer software, along with Wal-Mart gift cards. 

The students plan to continue supporting the Willow Unit and its patients by hosting the Laughing Willow Fundraiser annually between the months of November and December. For more information or to find out how to help, call Laurie Street at 423-431-7019.
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