SSH's new in-patient surgery unit a big plus for patients


Nurse manager Cherish Stonebraker, left, and April Shell, RN,
show off the new in-patient surgery
unit at Sycamore Shoals Hospital.
The new setup offers a host of benefits
for both patients and team members.
ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. – Surgery can be a stressful experience, both for patients and for their friends and family members. So it’s important to provide a comfortable atmosphere and make sure things go smoothly. That’s part of the healing process.

 Patients who go to Sycamore Shoals Hospital (SSH) for surgery will find just that kind of environment and service, thanks to a relocation and renovation of the SSH in-patient surgery unit.

 The unit has been moved from the second floor to a more convenient first-floor location, and offers larger, more private rooms that have been renovated.

 “We did this based on an assessment of what the community needed,” said Cherish Stonebraker, nurse manager. “This really focuses on the care of our surgical patients and enables us to provide higher quality outcomes.

 “It’s newer, nicer and quieter, there are more amenities and conveniences for the patients and it also provides a better setup for our doctors and nurses as they care for the patients.” 

 The new surgery unit is located where the Family Birth Center used to be. The in-patient surgery unit moved from the second floor to the first floor, while renovations are underway on the second floor for expansion of other services.

Among the upgrades for the new in-patient surgery unit:

  • 12 large private rooms that have new paint, new floors, updated décor and renovated bathrooms
  • Wireless internet
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Closer proximity to the operating room
  • More convenient ground-floor access, something that’s especially beneficial for orthopedic patients
  • Large waiting room for family and friends
  • Covered patient drop-off and pick-up area
  • More convenient parking

 The upstairs rooms were semi-private and now rooms are private, a major upgrade for patients and also an easier setup for nurses to provide care and change out the beds.

 The location of supplies and the nurses’ station makes things more convenient for team members. Doctors also benefit from convenient physician parking and the fact that the unit is close to the physician lounge and the operating room.

 For more information on the new in-patient surgery unit or surgery services offered at SSH, call Lisa Cole at 542-1394.

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