Unicoi County Memorial Hospital visioning committee making preparations for new facility


ERWIN, Tenn. – Plans for the new Unicoi County Memorial Hospital are beginning to take shape with the help of a new 10-member visioning committee. The group, made up of Unicoi County residents and Mountain States Health Alliance team members, is tasked with creating an overall vision for the new facility and determining many of the crucial details.

“We felt it was important to get feedback from leaders in this community about what they want in a new hospital,” said Tracy Byers, AVP and administrator for Unicoi County Memorial. “This group will be advising on all aspects of the process, including selecting an architect and construction firm, all the way to the design of the hospital, its rooms and its campus.

“I think we have a group of people who really want to do the right thing for Unicoi County and the surrounding community, and I think the public will be pleased with the results.”

The committee members are as follows:

  • Matt Rice of Erwin Utilities, chairman
  • Randy Trivette, UCMH board member
  • Dwight Bennett, UCMH board member
  • Dr. Jason Colinger, Unicoi Medical Associates
  • Danielle Rogers, Nuclear Fuel Systems
  • Rick Storey, Citizen’s Bank, Mountain States board member
  • Bill Alton, Mountain States VP for facilities and construction management
  • Candace Jennings, Mountain States senior VP for regional operations
  • Allison Rogers, Mountain States VP for strategic planning
  • Tracy Byers, AVP / administrator of Unicoi County Memorial.  

The committee convened last week to craft its vision statement for the new hospital, along with the latest timeline. Construction is expected to start in fall of 2016, with the facility opening in early spring of 2018. The site is next to Exit 40 off I-26 on Temple Hill Road.

The vision statement reads: “Our vision at Unicoi County Memorial Hospital is to create a patient- and family-centered, modern, efficient, and financially viable facility that meets the needs of Unicoi County and surrounding areas. This will be done by listening to the needs of our community, team members, physicians, and employers.”

“We are excited about having a new facility that will better meet the needs of our community, but ultimately, what makes a hospital great is not the bricks and mortar, but the people inside,” Byers said. “We have an outstanding team here at Unicoi County Memorial Hospital made up of loving caregivers and leaders who are invested in the community. The passion they bring to their work is what makes this hospital great, and it’s what will make us successful in years to come.”

PHOTO ID, L-R: Allison Rogers, Matt Rice, Danielle Rogers, Dwight Bennett, Tracy Byers, Randy Trivette, Rick Storey, Bill Alton. (Not pictured: Candace Jennings, Jason Colinger)

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