Childbirth Preparation Class - JMH - March 3 - 17, 2014

This is a 3 week series class that will discuss such topics as Third Trimester of Pregnancy, The Labor Process, Birth, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, Pain Management and Post Partum and Infant Care Basics. This class spans three weeks, giving participants more time in the class setting to ask questions and learn at a slower pace. Participants should bring 2 pillows and a blanket/mat to 1st night of class.
(1st Two Classes: 3rd Trimester, Labor, pain Management Delivery, 3rd Class - Infant Care)

Register for the class by the 28th week - take class between 30-32 weeks.

Registration is for mom and 1 support person

Category Class
Date 3/3/2014
Location Facility Johnston Memorial Hospital
Location Room Family Birth Center Conference Room
Start Time 6:00pm
End Time 8:30pm
Cost/Fee 20.00
Reply Method Register Online or Call
Person/Phone 1-800-888-5551
Notes You can pay online with credit card or bring payment night of class (cash or check). If you wish to pay online, select the credit card option and enter your information. **Inclement Weather Policy** If the schools close or are closed in the county where the class is being held – classes will be cancelled. Need-Based Scholarships Are Available For more information about scholarships and classes, contact Cindy A. Bass, RNC, LCCE, Prenatal Education Coordinator, at 423-431-6183 or