Sibling Class - JCMC - Jan 6, 2015

A Sibling class meets one time for an hour. The child watches a movie regarding becoming a Sibling. This movie discusses newborn activities including crying, eating, and sleeping. The feelings of the older Sibling are discussed and encourage the child to tell an adult if they feel sad or left out due to the new baby. This class explores many aspects of becoming a Sibling in a fun and Silly way. There is also a tour of a birthing room so the child can see where mom will be.  **3-9 year olds**

Begin class when mom is past 30 weeks

Registration is for mom and 1 support person

Category Class
Date 1/6/2015
Location Facility Johnson City Medical Center
Location Room Niswonger Conference Room 1
Start Time 7pm
End Time 8pm
Cost/Fee 10.00
Reply Method Register Online or Call
Person/Phone 1-800-888-5551
Notes PAY AT THE DOOR BY CHECK OR CASH. CREDIT CARD SUBMISSIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.**Inclement Weather Policy** If the schools close or are closed in the county where the class is being held – classes will be cancelled. Need-Based Scholarships Are Available For more information about scholarships and classes, contact Laura Hicks at