Frequently Asked Questions

How can problem in Lumbar Spine be fixed?

Non-surgical measures can frequently control the pain. Only you can decide if the level of pain you are experiencing is acceptable or not. If you are experiencing pain at an unacceptable level, or if you can’t function because of this pain, then surgery is indicated. The fusion procedure involves the removal of the disc(s) from between the affected vertebrae. Bone graft is then packed into the empty space. To keep your spine steady and promote fusion, extra support may sometimes be needed. A metallic cage may be placed in the now empty disk space or instrumentation (metal screws and plates or rods) may be needed.

Where does the bone come from?

If bone from the patient’s own body is used, the bone is usually taken from the pelvis. The bone may be taken through the incision made for the fusion, or through a separate incision. The area from which the bone is taken may be quite painful until it heals. Bone from bone banks may also be utilized. The bone is treated before it is used as a graft and the risk of getting a disease from bone graft is very low.