Mountain States Health Alliance Construction Pre-Qualification Form and Information

All MSHA Sub-Contractor Bidders must sign this form stating that they comply with the following pre-qualification.

Each Bidder:

  1. Must have completed a minimum of 5 (five) similar commercial projects in scope to which pricing will be submitted and 1 (one) of which must have been completed within the past 2 (two) years of equal magnitude in scope and price.
  2. Must have been in the contracting business a minimum of 5 (five) consecutive years under the present name.
  3. Shall not now, nor have been in the past, disqualified for cause from bidding on any Federal, State or City Agency.
  4. Must be capable of providing a performance bond equal to 100% of the contract and a labor and material payment bond of not less than 100% of the contract.
  5. Must be able to provide a bid bond to pay Owner should he fail to sign and execute the contract, an amount equal to 5% of his base bid.
  6. Must provide a field construction superintendent having a minimum of 5 (five) consecutive years experience on similar projects.

All interested bidders must meet the qualifications listed in this 

Pre-Qualification Form Printable Form (pdf format)

Approved Contractor/Vendor Listing