MSHA Servant's Heart Award Recipients

Candace Mink



Candace Mink, a rehab nurse at Johnson City Medical Center, is one of our three frontline team members this year to receive a Servant’s Heart Award, Mountain States’ highest honor. Over the course of 29 years with Mountain States, she’s built a reputation for truly taking care of patients and their families and making sure the patients are in control of their care.

The Servant’s Heart Award honors team members, vounteers and medical staff members who model the philosophy of patient-centered care. Mountain States introduced the Servant’s Heart Award in 2004 for team members and in 2006 for medical staff members. They are recognized by their peers for exemplifying the meaning of being a caregiver.

Known as “Candy,” Mink demonstrates a positive, therapeutic attitude when interacting with team members, patients and families, and encourages their participation and listens to their concerns when planning their care.

Candy demonstrates customized care to all her patients. One patient who suffered a brain injury would not remain in bed and Candy brought them to the nurse’s station to sit and talk with her while she documented. Candy frequently educates family members on medical issues as well as helping them to better understand the patient’s overall medical condition. Often she calls family members to update them on patient status to help relieve anxiety and reassure families.

Candy never delegates tasks to other team members that she is not willing to complete herself. She always treats everyone as an equal, regardless of discipline. Candy ensures that all emotional needs are taken care of above anything else.

She is a certified rehabilitation nurse and promotes this certification on the unit. Candy is an excellent resource for new team members and serves as a preceptor to most new team members.