MSHA Servant's Heart Award Recipients

Marlene Compton


Marlene Compton, an executive assistant in administration at Norton Community Hospital, is one of our three frontline team members this year to receive a Servant’s Heart Award, Mountain States’ highest honor. Marlene is in a position that allows her to interact with every department within the hospital and therefore touch numerous team members and patients, and she exemplifies the PCC principle that “all team members are considered caregivers.”

The Servant’s Heart Award honors team members and medical staff members who model the philosophy of patient-centered care. Mountain States introduced the Servant’s Heart Award in 2004 for team members and in 2006 for medical staff members. They are recognized by their peers for exemplifying the meaning of being a caregiver.

Compton, who has also served at Dickenson Community Hospital, is the type of person who consistently lends a helping hand to every department as their need dictates.

Her commitment to the idea that “patient safety is a visible priority” was evident on a daily basis as she consistently looked for opportunities to make DCH a safer facility for all who went here. However, the most prominent Patient-Centered Care principle Marlene exemplifies is that “all team members are considered caregivers.”

Her single focus during her time at Dickenson Community Hospital was the betterment of the hospital and the care of patients. It was noted in her Servant’s Heart letter of recommendation that although Marlene is not a clinician, no one person has done more to advance the patient’s experience while at DCH.

Marlene’s ability to facilitate communication and cooperation among team members is outstanding. At Dickenson Community Hospital, Marlene was not simply the assistant to Administration; she was the assistant to the entire hospital. She was the conduit for all Human Resource, Marketing, Safety and Quality issues or actions that came from NCH or MSHA.

She was the “go-to” person for every department at Dickenson Community Hospital and worked consistently with each and every team member who had a question or need. Whether it was organizing a “health lunch” for team members or putting together a group to represent DCH in a local 5K, Marlene was always the first to volunteer for action.

She’s involved in good causes far beyond the office, as well. As a cancer survivor, Marlene has worked tirelessly with the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. As a member of the local organization, she doesn’t simply participate in the relays; she is heavily involved in fundraising activities on a year-round basis.

Marlene is active in her church and helped spearhead an Easter Basket drive for the local nursing home that created and delivered more than 90 baskets to the residents.

Marlene’s focus is never on herself, but rather on others.