Marie GoughMarie Gough from Johnson City Medical Center is one of our three volunteers to receive a 2014 Servant’s Heart Award, Mountain States’ highest honor. She has delivered helpful service and created relationships through her work on the JCMC Information Desk for more than 50 years.

The Servant’s Heart Award honors team members, volunteers and medical staff members who model the philosophy of patient-centered care. Mountain States introduced the Servant’s Heart Award in 2004 for team members and in 2006 for medical staff members. They are recognized by their peers for exemplifying the meaning of being a caregiver.

Marie consistently provides patient information to the patients’ family and friends, locates wheelchairs for those in need, and notifies the proper department if a safety issue exists that she cannot handle herself such as spills or falls. She speaks to everyone walking by the desk, calling them by name if she knows them, asking about their health or their family member.

For many years she was the go-to person for training new volunteers on the Information Desk.

An insurance company supervisor made it a point to say how much she appreciated Marie’s courtesy, dedication and perseverance, especially how she could always count on Marie to search for the contact needed and transfer her immediately. The supervisor stated this was not the norm at most hospitals she called. For that reason, she always made her calls to JCMC on Mondays because Marie works the Information Desk on Monday and Wednesday mornings, as she has for more than 50 years.

Marie has delivered loving care and created relationships with so many physicians, team members and volunteers that they are too numerous to count. She has volunteered 20,000-plus hours of service to JCMC and is known and appreciated by patients, guests, families, team members, physicians and other volunteers.

Marie is very active at First United Methodist Church. She plays the piano for the Kiwanis Club every Wednesday, bringing music therapy to all members and guests. For many of her earlier years, Marie chaired the Red Cross volunteer groups and was active with the local Red Cross, which at the time was separate from the Auxiliary.

Marie's leadership was instrumental in strengthening the JCMC volunteer program. Through her influence, she gained cooperation from the Red Cross volunteers to merge them into the Auxiliary. She was a permanent member of the JCMC Auxiliary Board of Directors, serving as Red Cross chair for the Auxiliary for at least 20 years. In this position, she provided transparency with the sharing of information both back to the volunteers and to the Board.