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Benefits to volunteering include:

  • the opportunity to develop interests in a healthcare field or learn
  • learning in a hands-on environment about an already chosen area of study.
  • a great method to accomplish community service obligations


If you have any questions, please leave a message for the Volunteer Services Office at 423-431-2325.

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Thank you for supporting MSHA’s Student Volunteer Programs!

Dear Faculty Member:


MSHA also has Internship programs.  These are administered through MSHA’s Organizational Development department.  Please contact Jessica Denney, System Educator, at 431-1686 about these two additional learning opportunities. Here is some basic information about these programs:




  • gain experience in any area of healthcare which they have chosen as a career path.
  • students participate in hands-on learning experiences focused on the duties of the employee/career. This is accomplished while paired with an individual preceptor or under the supervision of their instructor.
  • Provide students who with a set amount of hours in one particular area required by their program of study.
  • school instructors must submit the internship requirements to the System  Educator for placement with a preceptor/mentor.

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