Student Volunteers @ Mountain States

MSHA Student Volunteer Application

Who is considered a student volunteer?

If your purpose for volunteering is education-related, we consider you to be a student volunteer.  Whether you are completing requirements for entrance into an education program, completing service required within an educational program, or any of a myriad of education related purposes, please follow the student volunteer process.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering provides students with hands-on experience that can prove invaluable as a learning opportunity.  Student volunteers provide assistance as a part of the healthcare team, make contacts, gain references, make new friends, and develop a great sense of purpose and appreciation of your own life through service to others.  Students are able to gain observation while providing hands on assistance useful to their resumes.  References are also provided upon request.

Does MSHA offer observation?

All requests for observation (with the exception of observation of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants) are handled through the Volunteer Resources Department.  All requests for observation within MSHA facilities are handled as hands-on volunteering.  Observation is a major component of student hands-on volunteering as students are not only able to 'see' their area of interest but also provide assistance and become part of the team in that area.  We believe this will provide a better learning experience for our students; as well as, ensure the team members in these areas receive needed assistance. 

For those interested in observing a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner, the contacts are:

What guidelines are in place for student volunteers?

Volunteers must be 16 years old at the time of application.

How much time do student volunteers donate?

Student volunteers must agree to provide 30 hours of service during the three month term (Summer, Fall and Spring).  If you would like to continue once the 30 hour commitment is met, please communicate this with the volunteer leader at your facility.  We do not offer short term volunteer opportunities.

Where can I volunteer?

Volunteers provider service to the MSHA facility in the city/county in which they live.

Where can I apply?

For those residing in Johnson City/Washington County, TN:

  • Applications for the summer term are accepted in the month of April with orientation for those accepted in May and service provided in June, July, and August.
  • Applications for the fall term are accepted in the month of July with orientation for those accepted in August and service provided in September, October, and November.
  • Applications for the spring term are accepted in the month of December with orientation for those accepted in the month of January and service provided in February, March, and April.

For those residing outside of Washington County, TN:

  • Contact the volunteer leader at your facility
 For all other facilities:  Contact the volunteer leader regarding their student opportunities.

What opportunities are available?

Who are the volunteer leaders/contacts at each facility?