Job Shadowing/Volunteering

College Students   
School Faculty / Coordinators
Medical Students, Residents, Advance Practice Students 
Job Shadowing / Volunteering
CNA Students / New Hires 
Programs offered through Organizational Development 

All job shadowing/observation requests are coordinated through our Volunteer Services
. Students are required to become a hospital volunteer, which allows them
to not only observe, but also gain hands-on experience in their selected area(s). Becoming
a hospital volunteer allows students to comprehend daily tasks of an occupation in a secure
and controlled environment.

Should you have specific questions about this process, please contact at Volunteer Services
at 431-2325.

If you are requesting to job shadow with a physician, please contact medical staff services:


Lisa Hayes – Sycamore Shoals Hospital (423) 542-1394
Rhonda Gourley – Washington County Hospitals – (423) 302-1253
Lisa Williams – Indian Path Medical Center – (423) 857-7106
Shannon Helton – Johnston Memorial Hospital – (276) 258-4581
Samantha Archer – Smyth County Community Hospital (276) 378-1206
Susan Hilton – Russell County Medical Center (276) 883-8190
Teresa Mutter – Norton Community Hospital (276) 439-1017