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MSHA CNA Students and New Hires

MSHA Certified Nurse Asssistant (CNA) students

Once accepted into the MSHA CNA program, you can you will need to complete our online
orientation. This needs to be completed before you can begin the clinical portion of the program. 

MSHA Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Student and New Hires (those enrolled in college)

In special circumstances and with permission from Human Resources & Organizational
Development, some new hires can complete portions of our online orientation. This will
need to be completed before you can begin your new role at MSHA. As a new hire, you
will also need to meet with a system educator in Organizational Development to discuss
the remaining portions of the orientation program and your job specific orientation
requirements. Please refer to your e-mail for specifics about the separate meeting.

Instructions for online orientation:

  • Online orientation/modules
  • The orientation is divided into 9 sections. Each section consists of related topics providing you with the needed information to become oriented to MSHA policies and procedures.
  • You may navigate through each learning module at your own pace, by clicking on each topic link.
  • You must complete the entire orientation by reviewing all information contained.
  • You will be required to sign a confirmation at the end of the orientation indicating that you have read and reviewed all material.
  • MSHA CNA students, you are encouraged to print the entire student orientation packet for an all-inclusive reference. You may access this packet by clicking on “The Student Packet” link
  • MSHA new hires, you will receive your copy of the orientation packet during a separate meeting. Refer to your email for specifics about the meeting.  

Note: The online orientation program will run only on Internet Explorer or Firefox. This program will not run on a MAC. Please disable any pop up blockers.

After completing the online orientation, please electronically submit your *orientation confirmation- *Form includes acknowledgment for orientation completion, immunizations, confidentiality agreement, code of ethics/business conduct

Orientation Confirmation  

Failure to complete/submit the orientation confirmation will delay the start date of your start date with MSHA. Once you submit your orientation confirmation, a screen will pop up that will allow you to print off a verification page. Please print this page and turn it into the CNA coordinator or during your meeting as an MSHA new hire.  

After electronically submitting your orientation confirmation, please rate your experience with the online orientation modules. This can be done by visiting this survey link.  

Additional Information & Reminders  
  • Always wear your name badge and dress accordingly.
  • Be sure to park in the employee parking lots
  • Flu shots are required for all students at MSHA
  • Always adhere to our Patient-Centered Care Philosophy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unfamiliar
  • Seek out learning opportunities and have a great experience