Programs Offered Through Organizational Development

College Students   
School Faculty / Coordinators
Medical Students, Residents, Advance Practice Students 
CNA Students / New Hires 
Programs offered through Organizational Development 

MSHA CNA/ Nurse Aide Course

These training programs approved by the Tennessee and Virginia Departments of Health 
are designed to offer students the basics of bedside patient care, with emphasis on
Geriatrics and Long Term Care principles. Participants who successfully complete the course
will meet state requirements to sit for the Tennessee or Virginia nurse assistant certification exam.
We follow the state and federal guidelines for nurse aide training and curriculum.

In Tennessee, this course contains 60 hours of classroom time with 40 hours of supervised clinical time to follow. Evening and daytime courses are offered. For more information about the Tennessee program go to TN CNA.

In Virginia, the course contains 80 hours of  classroom time with 40 hours of supervised clinical time to follow. For information about the Virginia program go to VA CNA.  

MSHA Nurse Intern II Program

The Nurse Intern II Program is an eight-week program designed to assist the nursing
student in bridging the gap between theory and clinical practice. The program consists
of classroom lectures, professional practice labs, phlebotomy instruction, 12-lead EKG
training and clinical rotation experiences to enhance the development of essential
knowledge and skills. The program allows the student to be involved in many activities
of care for patients ranging in age from newborn to geriatric. Students accepted into the
program will earn an excellent salary while gaining valuable patient care knowledge and
clinical competencies. The student will work under the direction of experienced nurses
and clinical leaders who have a variety of nursing related expertise. The rotation through
selected clinical areas will assist the student in identifying opportunities of professional
development and future career opportunities.

MSHA Nurse Residency Program

The Nurse Residency program is program provided for newly graduated RNs at MSHA. This program is designed to assist the team member in transitioning from a student to professional nurse by focusing on the core competencies. The newly graduated nurse will be able to progress from a novice to competent professional nurse.

Please contact Organizational Development at 423-431-5434 for additional details.