Resources Available to Students

College Students   
School Faculty / Coordinators
Medical Students, Residents, Advance Practice Students 
CNA Students / New Hires 
Programs offered through Organizational Development 

Nurse Resource Center is a place for students to seek assistance with learning to be
the best professional nurse possible.

Services include:

  1. NCLEX review
  2. Individual or group tutoring session on difficult subjects such as diabetes and
  3. Specialized clinical skills training in areas such as IV Starts, Code Blue Events,
    and Rapid Response
  4. Seminars on topics such as Infection Control, Research Development, Creating
    A Healing Environment, and Nurse Leadership
  5. Use of computer workspace to finish projects, do research, take tests, etc.,
    including access to printer, scanner, copier and fax. Computers are available
    at our Learning Resource Center at Johnson City Medical Center.
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a medical library available to students.
    The library has medical and nursing books, journals, patient care information,
    and audiovisual materials.  Computers are also available for students to access
    the Internet and numerous medical databases such as EBSCO, eMedicine,
    MDConsult, Natural Medicines, PubMed, The Cochrane Library, and EBN Online. 
  • CPR Classes are available for students needing certification.
    Students can call 432-431-7145 to enroll in a class.