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Student Recognition/Awards Program

The purpose of the student recognition/award(s) program is to recognize and celebrate students who have worked to make a positive contribution to MSHA.

MSHA encourages student innovation and recognizes outstanding examples of service, leadership, and excellence.

Student Reward/Recognition Program

  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award - Students achieving the Above
    and Beyond award will receive a nice certificate and $50 gift card.
  • Patient Centered-Care Award -Students achieving the Patient Centered-Care (PCC)
    Award will be recognized at the PCC Visioning Committee and receive a $50 gift
    certificate to a local restaurant.

Each quarter any student receiving recognition will be invited to a quarterly luncheon/picnic. The picnic would include the nominated/student winners & the individual that nominated the student.  To provide top administrators with the exposure to our best students CEOs’, CNO’s Organizational Development and other executives will also be invited. In addition MSHA will post a large “celebration section” on MSHA’s external website & OD’s website to celebrate
the awards students at MSHA have achieved.

Process for Nominating a Student for Recognition/Award(s)

A MSHA team member will complete the required recognition form to include:

  • Student name, School, and Discipline
  • Suggestion for award type
  • Description of implemented improvement 
  • Outcomes of improvement  
  • Student(s) can be nominated for recognition/award at any given point during the semester
  • Student(s) who are nominated, must meet all criteria for the suggested award

General Criteria for Receiving Student Award(s)

  • Awards may be made to recognize an outstanding contribution by a student. Any workforce individual may nominate a student for an award when:
    • An implemented idea for performance improvement results in a significant cost savings, increased patient satisfaction, or quality service improvement.
    • Significant problem solving activity results in enhanced quality of care, patient satisfaction, service excellence and/or cost savings.
    • Student actively contributes to the success of an interdisciplinary/cross departmental/inter-facility performance improvement project.  
  • Nominated candidates are students who are currently enrolled at an affiliate college/university
  • Nominated candidates are students who have been at MSHA for at least a 5 week rotation.
  • Nominated candidates are students who have completed all orientation and regulatory requirements through Organizational Development.
  • Nominated candidates also meet the specific criteria for the suggested award level

The nomination form can be found on Organizational Development’s website.  
(To access link, you must be logged into the MSHA network)