MSHA Community Health and Wellness

Mountain States Community Health and Wellness Services

Mountain States Health Alliance is committed to helping members of our community get healthy and stay that way.  Below are a few of the ways we do so.



Use of the Universal Medical Pocket Card can save your life.  Use it to record names and dosages or your medications.

  MSHA Community Health Guide

The Health Resources Center (HRC), an outreach service Mountain States Health Alliance has two locations: 
The Mall at Johnson City & Kingsport Town Center.

Through Business Health Services, Mountain States builds relationships among employers, health providers and other key stakeholders to make medical care for our region's employees the best value around.

My Life Check

        Get your personal heart score and custom plan.

ETSU Charitable Pharmacy

The ETSU Charitable Pharmacy will provide needed medication to those receiving medical care in Washington County, TN, who cannot, due to financial needs or catastrophic circumstances, afford their prescribed medications.


Consistent with the MSHA Patient Centered Care principle that care is provided in a healing environment of comfort, peace, and support, our green principles demonstrate our commitment to protect and preserve the environment.