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Diabetes Alert Program

Diabetes Alert car stickers can help alert law enforcement officers and emergency personnel that a person on the road or in an accident may be having a diabetic emergency.  Anyone with diabetes can receive a free sticker to display on their vehicle.  If the vehicle in question has a window sticker, officials can confirm that the driver is diabetic by examining the Diabetes Verification Form kept in the glove compartment and ensure that the driver receives prompt medical attention. 

Get a Sticker

The first step is to obtain a Diabetes Verification Form and have it completed at your doctor's office.  You can download and print the verification form here or pick one up at the Health Resources Center located on the lower level of the Mall at Johnson City beside the Belk Women's Store. 

The second step is to take the completed verification form to the Health Resources Center and pick up your sticker.  Place your copy of the verification form in your vehicle glove compartment and place the sticker on the outside, lower, left corner of the driver's rear window.

Diabetes Verfication Form