Consistent with the MSHA Patient-Centered Care principle that care is provided in a healing environment
of comfort, peace and support, our green principles demonstrate our commitment to protect and
preserve the environment. Mountain States Health Alliance will protect the environment by promoting
cost-effective business practices consistent with the following green principles:

  • We meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations.
  • We support and encourage recycling of materials used within the hospital.
  • We minimize waste and ensure that contaminated waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
  • We seek, evaluate and implement methodologies that limit the use of non-renewable resources.
  • We minimize and seek to eliminate emissions of toxic or dangerous substances into the air, water or earth.
  • We encourage the use of alternative transportation through financial and other incentives.
  • We purchase products, which contain recycled materials, are recyclable or reusable, and cause the least environmental harm during manufacturing, use, and disposal.
  • We pursue conservation of water resources and energy efficiency.
  • We actively participate with government, education, business, and the community to encourage environmental values and practices.
  • We disclose to team members and the community incidents due to our operation that cause environmental harm or pose health or safety hazards and do not take any action against team members who report to
    management such adverse conditions in accordance with our blame free reporting policy. 
  • Realization of these principles will be achieved by full participation of each of our facilities and the sustained commitment of all of our physicians and team members.