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Franklin Woods Community Hospital Patient-Centered Care Technology

Franklin Woods Vocera


Vocera is a lightweight, virtually hands-free communication device. With just one touch of a button and various voice commands, Our team members can instantly be connected to other team members, saving steps, saving time and saving lives. Voice over wireless, an innovative voice technology system, improves team member efficiency. Team member workflow is streamlined because they can instantly call for help rather than stopping what they are doing to go look for help, potentially leaving a critical patient's bedside. This technology device saves time and physical steps, enhances productivity, and improves patient safety and instant responsiveness to patient and customer needs.


West-Com Nurse Call / Vocera Integration

Using the West-Com Nurse Call system and Vocera integration creates quicker and more efficient delivery of care. A patient call will now go from the pillow speaker to the Vocera communication device our team members will be wearing, removing the need for a stationary desk device. When a patient places a call from the pillow speaker and selects the "pain" button, the call will go directly to the nurse. If the patient selects the "toileting" button, the call will go directly to the nursing assistant.



The GetWellNetwork PatientLife System is the leading Interactive Patient Care solution. The system makes the television in a patient's room into an interactive resource during a hospital stay. Using a wireless keyboard, touch screen or handheld device, patients can access an education library, entertainment options, surveys, service request menus and more, directly at the bedside. The GetWellNetwork also places powerful, interactive tools at the fingertips of patients and staff to help achieve the best clinical outcomes. The GetWellNetwork works seamlessly with existing Mountain States information systems, enhancing workflow without requiring additional software or steps. Tasks such as education ordering and medication dispensing can be carried out as usual from within the hospital's clinical system. The GetWellNetwork can engage the patient in his or her care process and send information about test results back to the hospital's clinical system for documentation in the patient's medical record.