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Appalachian Faith Health Network

Our lives are journeys, ones that we take with families, friends and community. A large part of our community and our life is our faith congregation. Mountain States Health Alliance knows that your congregation is an important part of your life. We also know that many of our patients belong to a congregation here in Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia. With these two things in mind, the AFHN (Appalachian Faith Health Network) was created.
What is Appalachian Faith Health Network?
It is a partnership between the congregations, the hospitals and the community that was developed by networking congregational leaders, hospital leaders and community leaders. The AFHN works to improve your health and the health of all in our region.

As part of the journey, at some point in our lives most of us are diagnosed with a medical condition. It can be an overwhelming experience when something goes wrong with our bodies. There are new medications to take, new doctors to see, new dietary needs, and insurance questions to answer. With all of these new things to learn and plan for in order to properly take care of ourselves, it’s easy to forget some steps; and often we just can’t do it all on our own. Our congregations can continue to add to and support our lives in these times by helping identify the questions and find the answers.


Congregations partner with Mountain States Health Alliance and others to provide a network of health support.
As members of your congregation and a member of AFHN:

  • You have access to a wealth of support on issues such as preventive medicine and follow-up care
  • We will educate and provide a supportive network to help you as a member navigate the health system

Trained leaders at your congregation and at Mountain States Health Alliance can help provide:

  • Access to education and preventive medicine through health fairs and guest speakers
  • Assistance in choosing the right clinic or physician for your health needs
  • Advocacy should you need to come to the hospital
  • A network of aftercare support following an illness or treatment of a medical condition

How It Works

  • Your congregation appoints a Congregational Caregiver to help members access their benefits.
  • This Congregational Caregiver works closely with a AFHN Faith Health Partner, who is an employee of Mountain States Health Alliance.
  • These two persons work together to answer your questions, build on your strengths, schedule educational outreach for your congregation, and provide support and follow-up care should you need to go to the hospital. If you need to be admitted to a MSHA Hospital, upon admission you will be asked if you are a members of the AFHN Net-work and if you would like your Congregation to be part of your care.
  • With your permission, the congregational Caregiver will:
    • Contact a visitation team from your congregation
    • Determine what your needs are during your stay (Will you need communion? Do you need your pets taken care of at home?, etc.)
    • Direct you to resources that will help you understand the treatment plan designed by your doctor and help you access the appropriate level of care for your health needs
    • Training and information are also available through the AFHN in a variety of areas including Hospital Visitation Training, Care for the Dying, and for specific diseases and other needs defined by the congregations.

Faith Health Partner
Stephanie Reed 423-857-7748
Ron Owens 423-857-7000