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The JMH Emergency Department’s highly-trained physicians and nurses offer patients quick assessment and treatment—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 JMH Emergency Room

What to Expect

Why do patients have to wait for treatment in the Emergency Department?

People wait in the Emergency Department for many reasons. Some include:

  • Waiting while the sickest or most critical patients are seen first.
  • Overcrowding due to epidemics such as the flu or ambulance diversions. Also, unlike a doctor’s office where appointments are scheduled, many emergency patients may arrive at once.
  • Waiting for radiology and laboratory results. (Some test results take longer than others.)
  • Waiting for consultations from specialists or physicians.
  • Shortages of inpatient beds in the hospital, resulting in patients remaining longer than expected in the Emergency Department.

 How long can I expect to be in the Emergency Department? 

The very best care takes time. A triage (pronounced “tree-ahj”) nurse will determine the severity of your condition, based on your symptoms upon arrival. Patients with life-threatening conditions such as chest pain, shortness of breath, allergic reactions, uncontrollable bleeding, stroke or asthma attacks, or those who arrive by ambulance are seen first.

Once in the treatment area, your total stay may depend on your symptoms, illness and whether you have to be admitted to the hospital. Also, if the emergency physician consults with a specialist or you have tests and X-rays taken, your stay will be longer.  

An empty waiting room doesn’t mean that the Emergency Department is not busy assisting patients. For example, patients who arrive by ambulance enter through a different entrance. Many important “behind the scenes” activities take place in the Emergency Department that patients do not always see, such as processing lab work and other test results.

How long does it take to get laboratory and radiology results? 

To accurately diagnose your condition, we need time to review any lab and radiology tests. Most laboratory and radiology tests can be completed in two hours. However, some tests take longer to process than others.

Can my family visit me in the treatment area?

Two family members are allowed to be with you in your treatment room. They must stay at your bedside. If the Emergency Department becomes full, or if a caregiver feels that you need privacy, your family members may be asked to return to the waiting area.  

What happens when I am discharged?

When you are discharged, you will be given instructions on how to care for yourself and a number to call if you have continued problems. You may be instructed to follow up with your primary care physician. You will be responsible for your own transportation home.


If you have a compliment or complaint about your health care or your loved one’s care, you may contact:

  • Your primary nurse
  • The hospital’s administration department – 276-258-2800
  • Mountain States Health Alliance Alertline – 800-535-9057

Please Give Us Your Feedback

You may receive a survey regarding your recent experience in our Emergency Department. Please complete the survey and return it as soon as possible. Your feedback is very valuable and will help us to serve you better.

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