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Niswonger Children's Hospital Level 2


Routines are very important to a growing child, and hospitalization changes a child’s routine. Providing space for kids to play in the hospital allows them to maintain part of their routine and helps them develop even while they are sick. The Playroom contains toys, books and crafts for infants, toddlers and school-age children. Siblings are encouraged to use the Playroom as well. Children must be supervised at all times. Child life specialists and volunteers oversee the Playroom during scheduled hours. Please review the guidelines below.

Teen Lounge

Hospitalized teens have unique needs, including having a “hang out” space designed to help them cope with their hospital stay. The Teen Lounge offers teens 12 and older a place to watch a movie, surf the Internet, play video games or listen to music on the jukebox. Parents are encouraged to let their teens visit the Lounge without parental supervision, and siblings are allowed to visit by patient invitation. Team members and child life volunteers oversee the Teen Lounge during scheduled hours. Please review the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Patient Use of Playroom and Teen Lounge

  • Patients and visitors may not use the Playroom or Teen Lounge if they are on isolation or have experienced fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours, or if there is any question of contagion.
  • The Playroom and Teen Lounge are for patients and siblings only. Visitors are not allowed.
  • No food or drink is allowed, unless the child has orders from the healthcare team to drink fluids.
  • The Playroom and Teen Lounge are “SAFE ZONES.” No medical procedures or exams are allowed.
  • Patients need to wear bottoms under hospital gowns outside their rooms and shoes or slipper socks.
  • Clean up before leaving the Playroom and Teen Lounge. Any toys or items that have been handled must be placed in a “Dirty Toy Bin” for proper sanitation.

Family Kitchen

Family members can heat up a meal or grab a cup of coffee and a free snack, donated by the community. All food stored in the refrigerator must be labeled with your last name and date, or it will be thrown away.


The Eastman Garden Terrace is available to families, visitors and patients who are able to leave their rooms and want to enjoy the outdoor seating areas. The Terrace is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., but will be closed during bad weather. Notify your child’s nurse before taking him or her to the terrace. No smoking is allowed.