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What is the Family Advisory Council?

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a group of approximately 20 parents and hospital team members who work together to make Niswonger Children's Hospital the best place for families to be when a child needs hospital care. The parent members of the FAC represent the various units and services provided at Niswonger Children's Hospital. The parent members are able to provide hospital administration and medical staff insight on what works well and what things can be improved. 

Being a part of our Family Advisory Council gives patient families a voice in the programs and policies developed for our hospital, as well as educating healthcare providers and the community by sharing their experiences with hospitalization and chronic medical conditions.
If interested, please call our Community Outreach Department at
423-431-1014 or complete the
online application.

Make a suggestion to the Family Advisory Council. We want your voice to be heard!

Online suggestion form 
What is the Goal of the Family Advisory Council?

To make sure that we understand the family's perspective, we ask for families who have experienced hospitalization with their child at Niswonger Children's Hospital to collaborate with the other members of the health care team on ways that we can improve and promote family-centered care.

For more information about the Niswonger Children's Hospital Family Advisory Council, call the FAC liaison, Joanna Swinehart, at 423-431-1014.