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Preparing to Leave the Hospital




Discharge Planning

Planning for your child’s discharge from the hospital and return home will begin soon after he or she is admitted. The healthcare team caring for your child will work closely with you, anticipating special needs that you may have such as nursing, physical therapy or occupational therapy, equipment, special medications and transportation from the hospital to home.

Our case management and social work Team Members will help plan for your child’s discharge, make referrals to community resources if needed, coordinate insurance coverage and work with the home care coordinator if home care services are needed.

Our nursing staff will teach you any special procedures and answer questions so that you understand your child’s home care needs at the time of discharge.

Please keep in mind that the day and time of your child’s discharge may change depending on his or her condition. If you anticipate a problem with transportation, please let your social worker or nurse know as soon as possible.

Some of our units have different requirements that need to be met prior to discharge. If your child is a patient in our NICU, your baby will need a hearing screening and may need to pass the "car seat challenge" before discharge. Parents may be required to view certain infant care videos as well.
Please check with your child’s nurse to see that all necessary requirements have been met.

Discharge Checklist

Before you leave the hospital, please review this checklist:

  • Review any written instruction from your child’s doctor or nurse and be sure to ask any questions you have about medications, activities, treatments or care.
  • Discuss medications and prescription questions with your child’s nurse or physician prior to discharge. Check with your regular pharmacy to make sure they have the
    prescription you need in stock.
  • Make sure you have scheduled any necessary follow-up appointments.
  • Check to see that you have packed everything you brought with you, including any of your child’s medications.

Make sure you have a  car seat or booster seat to transport your child if he or she is younger than 9.

How Was Your Stay?

Soon after you leave the hospital, you may receive a survey asking you to evaluate your child’s visit. We hope you will take the time to complete the survey and return it. Your feedback will help us to continually improve our services.

Suggestion boxes are located in several of our pediatric units. Please feel free to tell us what you liked about your stay, or what we can do to make our hospital a better place for our patients.