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Treating an injured athlete requires special training, quick response and an understanding of the game. In an effort to meet the specialized needs of injured athletes, the Sports Clinic is primarily concerned with returning the rehabilitated athlete to the highest level of competition possible-as soon as possible.

Through a comprehensive approach to screening, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation, the Sports Clinic provides appropriate care for the region's high school and college athletes. Athletes, parents, and coaches can be assured that the latest modalities, equipment and professionally trained staff are available.



Annual Physicals

The staff at the Sports Clinic is available to provide annual physicals. Whether you need examinations for an entire team or a single player, the Clinic will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Screening, Assessment and Treatment

Screenings can help identify problematic areas before injuries occur. Injured athletes can be assessed by our staff at the sporting event (if pre-arranged event coverage has been agreed upon) or they can be seen in the physician's office with an 'express appointment'. Upon assessing the athlete's injury, the Sports Clinic team will design and implement a personal rehabilitation program aimed at the most effective and efficient recovery. All rehabilitation programs are under the direct supervision of a board certified physician.

Sport-Specific Conditioning and Training

While our team concentrates on providing excellent care for sports injuries, they are also concerned with injury prevention. If available, the Sports Clinic's physician and/or athletic trainer can provide game coverage or be present at pre-season camps and practices. These professionals can help reduce injuries by providing conditioning techniques and other methods of prevention.

Open To The General Public

You need not be a member of an organized team to take advantage of the services offered by the Sports Clinic. You will find that our team is aptly prepared to care for all types of patients-from the weekend warrior injured during a 'pick up' game to the community bowling league. All injuries related to sporting or outdoor activities are welcome.

Things To Remember


Parental consent for treatment: Since high school athletes are under the age of 18 years, it is imperative that all high school students bring a parental consent for treatment. This form may be obtained from your coach or call our office and we will provide you with a copy.

Ask questions:  Understand what is happening. If you do not understand proposed care or what will be expected of you, tell your doctor.

Be honest: Inform your doctor or therapist of circumstances which may influence or interfere with your care. Provide accurate and complete information: your complaint, history, medications, allergies, and other health related matters. Tell x-ray technologists of the possibility of pregnancy. 

Insurance information:  It is also helpful if the injured athlete can bring a copy of his/her family's insurance information.

How To Reach Us

If you would like more information regarding the Sports Clinic at OccuMed, call us at (276) 439-1440. Our offices are located next to Norton Community Hospital in the Norton Square Shopping Center on Park Avenue.