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Regional Lung Center

The Regional Lung Center operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week We are one of the most well equipped units in the entire region. We serve patients with cardiac, pulmonary and neurological injuries and/or illnesses. We provide therapeutic and diagnostic services to both inpatient as well as outpatients. Therapeutic services include oxygen therapy. aerosol therapy, hyperinflation therapy, chest physiotherapy, mechanical ventilation, arterial blood gases to mention just a few. Diagnostic services include; Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Routine, Cardiolite and Pharmacological Cardiac Stress Testing. Holter Monitor and Event Monitor Services, Bronchoscopy Lab, Pulmonary Stress Testing, Bronchoprovication, real-time EEG Lab, EMG and Nerve Conduction Lab as well as EKG Services.

If you have any questions as to services provided, please feel free to contact The Regional Lung Canter at Norton Community Hospital at (276) 439-1450 anytime day or night