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Transitional Care Unit

Our transitional care unit is here to care for you after you have been discharged from a hospital but before you go home or to an assisted living or long-term care facility. Our trained staff will take care of your medical needs while keeping you comfortable and offering you more freedom.

What is Transitional Care?

Our transitional care facility provides a valuable step between the hospital and home or a nursing facility.
Strict state and federal regulations are followed at the facility managed by a licensed nursing home administrator and a director of nursing, and staffed by health care professionals. A physician serves as medical director and the staff consists of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nurses’ aides (CNAs) and patient care partners (PCPs). A case manager, social worker and activities coordinator are also available. Services include physical, speech and occupational therapy; respiratory care; laboratory; radiology; pharmacy; and dietary assistance.

How do I qualify for transitional care services?

The physician may recommend admission to our facility as an extension of your hospital treatment, after a hospital stay of three or more days.

How long can I stay at the transitional care unit?

Our transitional care facility is designed for short-term care (usually 10 to 20 days). The length of stay is based on the treatment team’s recommendations. At the time of admission, the physician orders and certifies that the resident requires skilled care services. The physician recertifies the need for continued skilled care services periodically. If health care coverage terminates before discharge, the resident will be billed for all future expenses including room, board, pharmacy, therapy supplies and other services. Residents have a right to be informed about Medicare coverage, other changes and post-care recommendations.

What do I need to know about admissions?

Admissions or transfers into our facility must be initiated by a physician. Residents with behaviors or symptoms of diseases that cannot be treated with transitional care will be transferred to a more appropriate facility. Any individual meeting the criteria for admission may be admitted without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, handicap, religion or source of payment. The facility cannot accept or require any gifts or compensation as a condition for admission or continual stay.

For more information call (423) 952-1700.