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The James H. and Cecile C. Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital "Shake a Leg" Amputee Support Group is here to help. The support group is focused on educating patients and caregivers about limb loss, helping them cope and developing a regional network to reach people affected by limb loss.

We provide a relaxed, social and educational atmosphere during our meetings. Our members have expressed a desire to help outside of meeting times, and they are active participants in peer support.

Amputation is a growing concern, and there is a need for support in our region.


  • To assist and provide peer support for people with limb loss
  • To provide an educational and social atmosphere for people with limb loss
  • To educate amputees, family, caregivers and friends about limb loss, post-surgical care, prevention, rehabilitation and local resources
  • To help people with limb loss cope and manage their lives to improve their quality of life


  • Reach people with limb loss through caring attitudes
  • Assist members in further physical, emotional and psychological needs

Some of the group activities include bimonthly meetings, peer visitation, education, caregiver support, fundraising and community recognition of the amputee population.

The Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital "Shake a Leg" Amputee Support Group has a group membership with the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA). All members of our support group have access to the ACA.

Build peer support for the Tri-Cities

The support group meets the second
Tuesday of every other month.
lease call 423-952-1700 to
add your name to the member list.