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Parkinson's & Young Onset Parkinson's

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder, opens the door to a whole lifetime of questions. But patients are finding that they are not alone.

The Northeast Tennessee Parkinson's Support Group was created to see that those with Parkinson's or young onset Parkinson's disease do not suffer in silence.

The group invites interaction with others who are going through the same situations and have countless questions. People diagnosed with Parkinson's often feel that it's "the beginning of the end." They sometimes think they can no longer be productive members of society, and begin to consider retirement or disability as a way of life.

The support group, with membership growing annually, includes members from all across the Tri-Cities region and surrounding areas of North Carolina who are active, vital members of their communities. Refreshing stories abound in the group as well as helpful reminders that life has thrown a curve ball, but Parkinson's disease need not stand in the way of the game.

The support group was originated by a Johnson City businessman who was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He realized the need for those with the disorder and their loved ones, called care partners, to share experiences and strategies for day-to-day living with the disease.

The group quickly grew from a handful to an average attendance of 25-30 members, including care partners.

Find hope, security and, best of all, answers to the big questions as well as the little ones at the Northeast Tennessee Parkinson's Support Group. It's the best place to meet others who are going through a journey that offers new opportunities for living.


Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month from 2-4 at the Health Resources Center Annex. For more information, please call 423-952-1700.