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Vestibular and balance rehabilitation is a successful way to treat people with dizziness and balance disorders.

  • Treatment is based on a custom exercise program to reduce dizziness and vertigo, and improve balance and activity level.
  • Therapists with special training in vestibular pathology will perform an in-depth evaluation including a thorough history, gait analysis,
    balance assessment and vertigo assessment
    with Frenzel goggles.
  • Frenzel goggles magnify the eye with an infrared camera that records the image, displaying it on a TV screen. The goggles block the patient's vision, letting the therapist better evaluate for nystagmus (involuntary rhythmic shaking or wobbling of the eyes).

Research has shown that patients who suffer an injury to the balance system recover quicker and more completely when given physical therapy specifically aimed at the balance system versus unsupervised exercise.

People who can benefit include those who have:

  1. Complaints of imbalance, frequent falls, dizziness/vertigo
  2. Central vestibular disorders (multiple sclerosis, brain injury and stroke)
  3. Peripheral vestibular disorders (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, labrynthitis, Meniere's disease)
  4. Cervicogenic dizziness

We are proud to offer a post-therapy wellness program led by a certified athletic trainer to continue improving overall conditioning.