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What to Expect

Patients in our rehabilitation program receive a minimum of three hours of therapy a day, at least five days per week.  Therapy is provided on weekends, with a less strict schedule to allow for visitors and rest.  We have found that patients reach the highest level of independence when they receive individual therapy to relearn necessary skills, combined with group therapy designed to maximize interaction, independence and carryover of skills learned in real-life situations.  Variation to this intensity may increase or decrease, depending on the patient's evaluation and individual needs.

About the hospital

James H. and Cecile C. Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital (QRH) is the only fully accredited impatient and outpatient rehabilitation facility in Northeast Tennessee.  An extension of Johnson City Medical Center and part of the Mountain States Health Alliance family, QRH is conveniently located and is within 15-30 minutes of most regional populated centers.

QRH brings together an interdisciplinary team of skilled, committed professionals who work with patients and their families to design an individualized, goal-oriented program for recovery.  Impairments may but often include brain injury, stroke, amputation, spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, multiple traumas, and neurologic/neuromuscular disorders.  Services are provided to patients who exhibit functional limitations and problems such as mobility, self-care, communications and awareness.

A number of restaurants, shopping centers and hotels are within 2-3 minutes of the hospital, including The Mall at Johnson City.  We encourage patients and families to visit QRH prior to making a decision regarding rehabilitation services.