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Russell County Medical Center Auxilliary

RCMC Auxiliary

Offering a Tradition of Caring, Compassion and Commitment

Believing that the hospital has real need of my service as a volunteer worker:

  • I will be punctual and conscientious in the fulfillment of my duties and accept supervision graciously.
  • I will conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration.
  • I will consider as confidential all information which I may hear directly or indirectly concerning a patient, doctor, or any member of the personnel, and will not seek information in regard to a patient.
  • I will take any problems, criticisms or suggestions to the chairman of Volunteers.
  • I will endeavor to make my work of the highest quality.
  • I will uphold the traditions and standards of this hospital and will interpret them to the community at large.

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How To Become a Volunteer

Once an individual has made the decision to become a volunteer, he or she may contact the president of the Russell County Medical Center Auxiliary, who can be reached at the hospital (883-8192 or 883-8193). She will make an appointment to begin orientation. To ensure a positive experience for both the hospital and the volunteer, the Auxiliary requests the following of all volunteers:

  • Two T.B. skin tests
  • Photo ID badge
  • Smock and pins
  • Adherence to Confidentiality Code
  • Follow all other hospital policies
  • Knowledge of the handbook
  • Personal interview
  • Application forms
  • Tour of the hospital
  • Commitment to a 4-hour weekly schedule

The RCMC Auxiliary helps by offering the tender touch, extra smile and willing hands that make a difference around the world.

Work Schedule - Volunteers are asked to work 4 hours each week. The work schedule is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. If a volunteer is unable to work his or her shift, he or she is asked to get a teammate to substitute. If that is not feasible, please notify the president.

Service Recognition - Volunteers who have earned 5,000 hours are honored by being named an
Auxiliary Life Member. They are awarded a Life Member patch and pin.

Socialization - Volunteers not only reap the rewards of helping others, but volunteering provides the RCMC volunteersopportunity to develop new friendships and the time to socialize with
one another.

Fundraisers - The RCMC Auxiliary sponsors five fundraisers each year. The profits provide two annual scholarships, donations and hospital needs such as tables, chairs, projectors, microwaves,
wheelchairs, etc.


Volunteer Opportunities

The purpose of the RCMC Auxiliary is to perform supplementary, non-professional duties that enhance the delivery of health care to the patients, staff and citizens of the surrounding community. RCMC offers volunteers a variety of opportunities to use their time and talents.

Information Desk-Provide visitors with patients' room locations, doctors' offices and other directions; deliver flowers, mail and magazines; sell newspapers; check waiting rooms; and perform other services as requested.

Gift Shoppe-Serve as sales clerk and assist with the maintenance of the Auxiliary's Gift Shoppe.

Staff Assistance-Opportunities are available to assist the staff by filling water pitchers, sharing clerical skills or making beds in the Outpatient Department.

Patient Contact-Patient contact is limited to non-skilled services. Volunteers may provide magazines, write letters, read or engage in conversation. Volunteers must not give the patients food, water or medicine!

RCMC volunteers