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balloon sinuplastyBalloon SinuplastyTM is an endoscopic, catheter-based technology utilized in sinus surgery that has been developed to make the procedure less invasive and to reduce recovery times.
This FDA-cleared technology uses a small, flexible, sinus balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways, restoring normal sinus drainage. When the sinus balloon is inflated, it gently restructures and widens the walls of the passageway while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining.

The diagram to the right shows an inflamed left maxillary sinus.
An ENT physician will use Balloon SinuplastyTM devices to open
the blockage that is preventing sinus drainage.

balloon sinuplasty step 1Gain Access to the Sinus

To gain initial sinus access, a sinus guide catheter
is introduced into the nasal cavity to target the sinus ostia under endoscopic visualization. A sinus guide wire or a sinus illumination system is introduced through the sinus guide catheter and gently advanced into the target sinus.


  • Safe and Effective
    While use of any surgical instrument involves some risk, clinical research has indicated the Balloon SinuplastyTM system to be safe and effective in relieving symptoms of sinusitis, even in children.
  • Minimally Invasive
    The technology uses small, soft, flexible devices that enter entirely through the nostrils. These devices gently open blocked sinus openings, and in many cases, without tissue or bone removal.
  • Reduced Bleeding
    Because in many instances no tissue or bone is removed when using this technology, there may be reduced bleeding associated with the procedure.
  • Improved Recovery Time
    While recovery time varies with each patient, many people can return to normal activities within 24 hours.
  • Does Not Limit Treatment Options
    This technology is an endoscopic tool and may be used with other medical therapies or sinus surgery techniques. It does not limit future treatment options if you have progressive disease.

As with use of any surgical instrument, there are risks, and results may vary from patient to patient. Talk with your doctor about your specific condition to find out if the Balloon SinuplastyTM system is right for you.

balloon sinuplasty step 2Inflate Balloon Across Ostium

The sinus balloon catheter is introduced over the sinus guide wire or sinus illumination system and positioned across the blocked ostium. The position
of the sinus balloon catheter is confirmed and the balloon is gradually inflated to open and
remodel the narrowed or blocked ostium.

balloon sinuplasty step 3
Remove Balloon and Irrigate Sinus

The sinus balloon catheter is then deflated and removed, leaving the ostium open. The sinus is then irrigated, flushing tenacious sinus contents-like pus and mucus.

balloon sinuplasty step 4

Remove System

The irrigation catheter is removed, leaving the sinus cleared of mucus allowing the return of sinus drainage. There is little to no disruption to mucosal lining.