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Mountain States Rehab Outpatient Services at Smyth County Community Hospital

Our goal is to guide you, the patient, to improve your quality of life by restoring you to maximum ability and productivity. You are the most important part of the rehabilitation team.

Smyth County Community Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program proudly serves Smyth County and
neighboring communities.  Our program meets all CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) standards. CMS

Inpatient Rehabilitation 
Outpatient Rehabilitation
conducts regular surveys to ensure that providers are meeting the strict criteria to be considered an inpatient rehab facility. The results demonstrate our commitment to excellent care.

Regaining Independence

Our program provides ongoing care and prepares patients to return to their prior level of function. A comprehensive team helps the individual to improve in the areas of:

  • Self-care skills
  • Mobility skills
  • Psychological adjustment
  • Health
  • Independence 
  • Strength
  • Return to a functional lifestyle 

Our Comprehensive Team includes:

  • Physicians skilled in rehabilitation medicine
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Recreational services
  • Physical therapy
  • Social work/discharge planning 
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy


 Specialty Services

Occupational/Hand Rehabilitation Lymphedema Rehabilitation

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit's comprehensive services include:

  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Rehabilitation nursing
  • Recreational activities
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Social work/discharge planning
  • Onsite home evaluations
  • Community reintegration
  • Psychological services

Discharge Planning

The discharge planning process is initiated at the time of preadmission assessment to the unit.  Discharge planning may include: 
  • Family conference, education and training
  • Education on energy-conservation methods
  • Home program
  • Use of adaptive equipment
  • Adjustment to changing life roles
  • Management of medical complications
  • Preparation for home accessibility and safety including recommendations for medical equipment (need of walkers, wheelchairs and hospital beds)


To be admitted to our inpatient rehabilitation unit, patients must:

  • Require medical management and rehabilitative nursing 24 hours a day
  • Need a comprehensive INPATIENT rehabilitation program
  • Be able to participate in and benefit from intensive rehabilitation to include three hours of therapy five days a week
  • Have an identifiable place to go when they are discharged from Smyth County Community Hospital, such as home, an assisted living facility or retirement home, etc.

The inpatient rehabilitation unit does not provide services for patients who require ventilator support, have a primary psychiatric disorder or require substance abuse rehabilitation.
Cognitively impaired patients must have a family member to accompany the patient at time of the admission. If there are safety concerns, we will make arrangements for family members to continually stay with the patient to avoid using restraints. Persons qualifying for admission to the inpatient rehabilitation unit and their family members or caregivers are encouraged to tour the facility before admission.


What to Bring

Because patients are physically active in the inpatient rehabilitation unit, loose-fitting clothing is strongly advised. Patients should pack the following for their stay:

  • Comfortable pants/shorts
  • Gym shoes or comfortable footwear
  • Night clothes and robe
  • Personal grooming items
  • Shirts or blouses
  • T-shirts may be recommended for patients with neck and/or back braces
  • Sweatshirt or sweater
  • Undergarments

The patient’s family or caregiver is responsible for laundering the patient’s personal clothing. Patients’ garments, glasses, hearing aids and dentures should be labeled. Patients are advised to leave valuables at home, including jewelry, credit cards and cash. Rooms are equipped with televisions
and clocks.
All personal electrical items must be checked with the Maintenance Department before being used in the hospital.
The entire campus is a tobacco-free environment.

Commitment to Functional Outcomes

The team members of the inpatient rehabilitation unit are committed to quality patient care that is effective, efficient and satisfying. Program evaluations help the team assess patient outcomes in functional independence, length of stay, discharge to a community setting and the ability to lead a productive lifestyle.
Patients are asked to participate in the evaluation process, which includes the use of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM). This instrument serves as a national benchmark to document the severity of a patient’s disability and the results of medical rehabilitation. Through its use, clinicians are better able to monitor changes in functional status during the full range of patient care.
Patient satisfaction is a vital component of rehabilitation therapy, since a patient’s active participation in the treatment program can positively influence outcome. This functional outcome information helps improve services, evaluate the clinical management of patients and meet the needs of a diverse, multicultural patient population as we Rebuild Lives through Loving Care.


From Interstate 81, take exit 47. SCCH Rehabilitation Map

Southbound: Turn left onto Highway 11 at bottom of exit ramp.

Northbound: Turn left at bottom of exit ramp and proceed to stop sign. Turn left onto Highway 11. Follow Highway 11 to second traffic light. Merge right onto Highway 16 North/Park Boulevard. Drive approximately 0.75 miles through one traffic light. Turn right onto Radio Hill Road. Proceed and turn right onto Francis Marion Lane. Turn left into Francis Marion
Manor Health & Rehabilitation parking lot.

Mountain States Rehabilitation
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