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Speech Language Pathology Clinicians

susan Carnevale

Susan Carnevale, MS, CCC-SLP
Board Recognized Fluency Specialist
Lifetime Wellness Center, Outpatient Services
Primary Clinical Interests:
neurological disorders: (ALS {Lou Gehrig's Disease}, Parkinson's disease, stroke, neurogenic stuttering, primary progressive aphasia, multi-system dystrophy),  augmentative and alternative communication, stuttering evaluation and treatment for preschool through adults.


 J. Ellen McCracken

J. Ellen McCracken, MS, CCC-SLP
Frances Marion Manor
Primary Clinical Interests:
Including speech, swallowing, and cognition
problems in adults dealing with stroke,
traumatic brain injury,
and dementia


Margaret Mork

Margaret Mork, MA, CF-SLP
Lifetime Wellness Center, Outpatient Services
Primary Clinical Interests: 
Including voice, augmentative & alternative
communication, motor speech disorders, stroke
and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, literacy,
dementia, fluency

Amy L. Tolley

Amy L. Tolley, MS, CCC-SLP  
Smyth County Community Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation, Acute Services, Home Care
Primary Clinical Interests:
Including swallowing, pediatric swallowing and feeding disorders, cognitive communication disorders, aphasia, adult and child language disorders, dysarthria, traumatic brain injury, end of life issues, literacy