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What is OWL and how will it benefit me?

Time is extremely important when it comes to patient care for physicians, providers and clinicians.  At Mountain States Health Alliance we have built a Health Information Exchange (HIE) system called OWL - Online Wellness Link.

Physicians/providers are able to:

  • securely view and exchange patient information including labs, radiology reports, operative reports, consults, face sheets and discharge summaries
  • see immediately if a patient has been seen by another MSHA/MSMG physician or hospital and what medications patient is taking
  • improve continuity of care

The Provider Portal:

  • aggregates clinical data into a comprehensive data repository
  • replaces the cumbersome and time-intensive faxing and mailing
  • secures access to practice and patient records with controls for authentication and authorization of users
  • provides practices with an electronic means to submit and maintain outpatient orders to departments within the hospital

Do you want to provide patients with safe, more timely, efficient and effective care?

OWL is a network that connects MSHA and Mountain States Medical Group to securely share patient data and enable physicians to access the most up-to-date patient information.  Connecting providers to each other and to the latest patient information is the key to continually improving the management of chronic diseases providing preventative care, strengthening the quality of care and reducing waste such as duplicate testing and unnecessary expenses.

How to sign up:
To sign up for OWL, please complete the Practice setup form.
For more information email OWL@msha.com.