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Senior Leadership

Alan Levine, President and CEO
Alan Levine
President and CEO, Mountain States
Marvin Eichorn
Marvin Eichorn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mountain States
Ann Fleming
Ann Fleming, Senior Vice President, Virginia Operations,
Mountain States
Candace Jennings
Candace Jennings, Senior Vice President of Tennessee Operations, Mountain States
Morris Seligman
Dr. Morris Seligman,
Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer,
Mountain States
Jamie Parsons
Jamie Parsons, Vice President
Human Resource, Mountain States
Steve Kilgore
Steve Kilgore, Senior Vice President of Outpatient and Retail Operations/BRMMC/MSMG
Paul Merrywell
Paul Merrywell
Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mountain States
Elliott Moore
Elliott Moore, Vice President
Government Relations, Mountain States
Pat Holtzclaw
Pat Holtsclaw, President
Mountain States Foundation
Tim Belisle
Tim Belisle, MSHA Vice President of Corporate Compliance and General Counsel, Mountain States
Rob Slattery
Rob Slattery, President and CEO of Integrated Solutions Health Network
Monty McLaurin, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Market, Mountain States
Tony Benton, (Interim) Chief Executive Officer, Washington County Market, Mountain States

 Lynn Krutak, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, Mountain States

 Media Relations

Shane O'Hare
Shane O'Hare, Director
Communications & Marketing,
Mountain States  
Teresa Hicks
Teresa Hicks
MSHA Communications
Manager, Mountain States