Wellmont Letter to Unicoi 2008
"If Wellmont has tens of millions to spend on new building, I would advise them to utilize those funds to build a real hospital in Kingsport. If I were a Kingsport resident, I would be seething that Wellmont is going to spend millions in Unicoi county and not spend anything to refurbish Holston Valley. I support MSHA based upon my own experience with both systems. "

"Only a few persons will profit when Wellmont moves into Unicoi County. Wellmont will eventually leave Unicoi County in difficult straits. This will take a few years, but it will come to pass based upon my observations of Wellmont's record. People will die if Wellmont takes over. The drive time for an ambulance to go from Temple Hill to Kingsport will be dangerous if not lethal for some patients. "    -Mike

“Our hospital (Johnson County Community Hospital) had closed multiple times and Mountain States came to our rescue.  MSHA did the strategic plan here and helped us identify health care needs in our community and services that people would choose to use in our community."     -Minnie Miller

“The strategic plan at Smyth County was for us to refurbish or to build a new hospital.  It was decided to build a new hospital, and then came the great depression of ’08 and financial chaos, and Mountain States never wavered."  - Gary Peacock

“We (Johnston Memorial Hospital) were an independent hospital, had been in existence for more than 100 years, and we were faced with a physical facility that had been added to piece-meal and was in need of serious renovation.  Our quandary was to go forward with that, or go with a new facility, and by partnering with Mountain States we were able to build a new facility and provide a great resource for our community.  In doing this, Mountain States worked with our local board to develop a plan, a design and do full implementation. It was a cooperative arrangement, and everything Mountain States told us they would do, they have done.”
- Otey Dudley

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