Breast Care Nurse Navigation

We Are Here for You Every Step of the Way.Breast Care Nurse Navigation

Being diagnosed with cancer is often followed by a time of confusion and anxiety. What you need is someone to help guide you through the process of diagnosis and treatments, assisting with decision-making and communicating with your physician and other providers.

Our Regional Cancer Center nurse navigator does just that. The nurse navigator is here to:

  • Guide you through your medical experience
  • Provide emotional support
  • Help you with insurance issues
  • Help you make decisions regarding your care
  • Connect you to any necessary community resources
  • Help you get answers to your questions

From the time you are diagnosed with cancer, through doctor visits, surgery and other treatments, your nurse navigator is here to help. She can assist you through all aspects of your cancer care, whether you need help making an informed decision or just a shoulder to lean on.

What is a Breast Care Nurse Navigator?

A breast care nurse navigator is a nurse practitioner who guides and supports patients through the challenges of having cancer. The breast care nurse navigator is available to patients, their families and caregivers as a resource. The nurse navigator works closely with the patient to help eliminate or reduce barriers to cancer care and to provide education, encouragement and emotional support.

Your breast care nurse navigator will present your information to the weekly breast cancer multidisciplinary team conference and can meet with you personally and remain in contact with you throughout your breast cancer journey. She will be able to facilitate access to:

  • American Cancer Society Patient Navigator Services
  • Psychosocial counseling services
  • Support groups

Your nurse navigator is your information resource and personal care coach. She is here for you, so don't hesitate to call her when you need help with any aspect of your cancer care.