Jan Scibor's Story

Living the sweet life has been an important priority for Jan Scibor and something she didn't want to change when Jan Scibor
she found out she had cancer.

"I own a chocolate business, and in my chocolate business, it's really important that I am able to use my hands,"
she said.

So, after her diagnosis with breast cancer, Jan began educating herself on treatments, side effects and how to
balance the two. She reviewed different options before making her decision on what direction to take for her care.

"I went in informed so I could ask the medical staff good questions," she said. "They were very patient with me. My
doctor worked with me so I would have hope with my treatment. I was treated like an individual, which was wonderful
because my treatment was chosen based on things in my life that were important to me."

By setting goals with her physicians, Jan said she was able to look
at the cancer and know that she was going to get through it. She
and her physicians also made changes to her treatment to ensure
she kept her quality of life, something she's grateful for today. "It's
wonderful to look at my hands and know that they are able to do
all the things they were able to do before I started chemo," she said.


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