Marci Giovanetti's Story

For Marcia Giovanetti, getting a mammogram was something she did because of medical guidelines, not because she had
any concerns about actually having cancer. "I do a mammogram every year," Marcia said. "But I never really worried about
cancer because no one in my family has ever had it. So, it was a surprise when the results came back, and I had cancer."

Since her cancer was noninvasive, the physicians decided to treat her breast cancer with radiation. Her treatment was daily
for five weeks, with each session lasting 10 minutes.

Looking back, Marcia said it went really quickly, everyone at the center Marcia Giovanettiwas very nice and she's pleased with her outcome.
But the beginning was scary, and she found unexpected encouragement.

"The first day I went there, I was very depressed," Marcia said. "I didn't get dressed up. I just went there crying." She said another, older patient came up to her and told her that it was all about attitude. "She said every morning, I have to get up, get a shower and get dressed up to come here for treatment, so I did," Marcia said. "She was maybe 80 years old. She was my inspiration."

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