It was in July 2009 when Ray Giles first started experiencing the signs. He found himself going through periods of
extreme fatigue and was having pain at night just below his rib cage when he was trying to sleep.

"I was sure it was gall bladder-related - stones or a diseased gall bladder," Ray said. "So, I thought that would be
taken care of, and I would be out of the hospital."Ray Giles

Then he was given the news: Stage 4 cancer in both lobes of his liver and in his pancreas. "That's big news for anyone to get the big 'C' word, and I hadn't expected it," he said. The physicians said because of the type of cancer, they wouldn't be able to do surgery, and that his best option was chemotherapy.

"The place was the Regional Cancer Center. The thing I most wanted to do was to be able to stay home through this experience," Ray said. "What I found out was, it wasn't necessary to go anywhere else. Everything I have needed has been available here with qualified medical health professionals."


Ray's story is left at his request and serves as a memorial to him

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