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Cooking For Life Cookbook

cooking for life cookbook

Schools, churches and other organizations will benefit - and lives may be saved - from the proceeds from the new cookbook, “Cooking for Life,” produced by Mountain States Health Alliance and Mountain States Heart Care.


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Proceeds will be used for the purchase of life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs)


At every stage of life, a well-balanced diet is essential to quality of life. Produced with a team of professional chefs and registered dietitians, COOKING FOR LIFE brings together a collection of recipes that are as rich in colors and flavors as they are in nutrition. Each recipe is accompanied by a nutritional analysis and beautiful original illustrations.

COOKING FOR LIFE is caring for your heart and bringing families together with deliccooking for life vegetablesious foods and helpful, healthy cooking tips to create meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The wonderful folks of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia love getting together with their loved ones around a great meal. Just the thought of sitting down at the dinner table with loved ones warms the hearts of many in our region.

With the help of COOKING FOR LIFE from Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) and our region's top heart hospital, Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC) and its Mountain States Cardiovascular Health, mealtime may also help save your heart. For the thousands of people in our region who have experienced a heart attack, battled high blood pressure or high cholesterol, a heart-healthy diet is essential.

cooking for life fruitMSHA has been the leading healthcare provider when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. JCMC was the first Top 100 heart hospital in this region and has done more heart procedures than any other hospital in East Tennessee since 2001. For the last few years, MSHA has been alerting women throughout this region that heart disease is the number one killer of women. Our "Red Dress" events for women, which educate them about their heart numbers, have been sold-out occasions. We have opened our Health Screening Center to help people throughout our region learn more about the cardiovascular or stroke risks they might be facing.

Mealtime ... now the heart-warming time you spend with your family at the table can also be heart-saving. COOKING FOR LIFE focuses on making it easy for you to nourish those you love with meals that you've prepared from the heart for the heart.

Today MSHA offers COOKING FOR LIFE, which has been prepared by food and nutrition specialists to help keep your heart healthy. Starting a heart-healthy diet early in life can prevent heart disease and other health complications. Why wait any longer to give your heart a healthy diet? Here is a cookbook that offers delicious choices for you and your loved ones. This cookbook focuses on making it easy for you to continue the wonderful tradition of getting together for a great meal one that you've prepared from the heart for the heart.

Cooking for Life Recipe categories:

  • Appetizers
  • Breakfast
  • Salads
  • Sides and Sauces
  • Entrées
  • Desserts

Mountain States Cardiovascular Health at Johnson City Medical Center has come together with our cardiologists, cardiovascular and vascular surgeons to bring you a collection of heart-healthy recipes and cooking tips in COOKING FOR LIFE. Proceeds from this cookbook will be used to fund the purchase of life-saving AEDs in our service areas.

With Johnson City Medical Center, Our Region's Top Heart Hospital, Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) is dedicated to bringing you information that can help you attain your highest level of health through a healthy lifestyle. As you knowcooking for life peppers, eating a healthy diet low in fat and cholesterol is one important factor in the prevention of heart disease, as well as other life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

The team members and physicians at the Mountain States Cardiovascular Health are dedicated to also bringing you opportunities to learn more about heart disease. Through cooking shows called THE HEARTBEAT OF THE FAMILY - CARING FOR A WOMAN'S HEART, you will be offered the chance to watch area chefs prepare some of the dishes featured in this cookbook and to hear our physicians discuss cardiovascular issues that may affect you or your family. MSHA now includes the Health Screening Center, offering comprehensive cardiovascular screenings that give you on-site feedback about your risk for a cardiovascular event. We also offer lectures on risk identification, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease at the Health Resources Center in the Mall at Johnson City. Our team hopes you will take advantage of each of these opportunities to learn about your health and that you use this knowledge to get, and stay, healthy!

The hard-cover, 142-page “COOKING FOR LIFEcookbook is available in limited quantity. Chock-full of recipes for healthy living, the cookbook can be yours for $16 plus tax & shipping (if needed), and will be available at MSHA gift shops at JCMCIndian Path Medical Center (IPMC) in Kingsport and at Sycamore Shoals Hospital (SSH) in Elizabethton.

Cooking for Life” will also be available at MSHA’s Red Dress events, at the  Health Screening Center (HSC) on Princeton Road and at the Health Resources Center (HRC) in The Mall, both in Johnson City.

Schools or churches that order 120 books will be given free delivery by MSHA, an automated external defibrillator (AED) and free training for all personnel within the organization.

For the last four years, MSHA and Mountain States Cardiovascular Health have produced cookbooks. This is the first hard-cover cookbook to be offered.