patient and nurse

Recovery on the Telemetry Floor

Your recovery will continue on the telemetry care unit. Increasing your activity daily will be the goal. Discharge guidelines, to assist with your continued progress, will be reviewed prior to leaving the hospital. Any questions that you have will be answered.

Further assistance with discharge plans is available by asking your nurse or physician.

A dietitian will be available to answer your questions regarding your specific dietary needs. A heart-healthy diet is very important as you recover. A dietitian will visit with you in your room to give information and answer questions you may have.
Plan to be in the hospital for three to five days after surgery with one or two nights in the ICU and the remainder of stay on the telemetry floor.

After waking in the ICU and having the breathing tube removed, you will dangle on the side of the bed, then progress to sitting in a chair and advance to walking in the room.

Discharge Planning

When you move to the telemetry floor on post-operative day one, you will sit in the chair for all meals and walk in the hall three times a day. You will need assistance when first walking. Family or caregivers are encouraged to walk with you and assist you in performing exercise.

You will take a shower daily after you are moved to telemetry and the chest tubes are removed.
Ask for pain medication to relieve pain and soreness to enable you to walk and use your incentive spirometer. The incentive spirometer should be used every hour while awake.

  • Limit visitors because much of your time will be spent exercising, resting and learning home care.
  • Cardiac rehab and the nursing staff will discuss home care and temporary limitations of your activities.
  • Make plans for help with meal planning, housekeeping and transportation at discharge.
  • Do not consider yourself sick, but recovering from open-heart surgery.