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►   Do I need a lawyer to help me make an advance directive?
►   How do I make my choices about Life-Prolonging Treatment known?
►   How do these two types of Advance Directives differ?
►   How is an Advance Care Plan different from a Living Will?
►   How is an Appointment of Healthcare Agent different from an Advance Care Plan?
►   How will my doctor know if I have an Advance Directive?
►   I have Medicare. Am I eligible for Home Care?
►   If I die because I refused life-prolonging treatment under the Health Care Decisions Act, will my death be considered suicide?
►   Must an Advance Directive be in writing?
►   Must I have an Advance Directive?
►   What are "Life-Prolonging Procedures"?
►   What can my agent decide for me?
►   What happens if I can't make decisions and I have no advance directive?
►   What if I already have a Living Will? Do I need an Advance Care Plan?
►   What if I change my mind after I sign an advance directive?
►   What is an Advance Care Plan?
►   What is an Appointment of Healthcare Agent?
►   What is Home Care?
►   What Services are Available?
►   When does a transfer or discharge occur?
►   When does an Advance Care Plan go into effect?
►   When does the Appointment of Healthcare Agent become effective?
►   Where can I go for more information about Advance Directives?
►   Who can create an Advance Care Plan?
►   Whom should I choose to be my agent?
►   Will an Advance Directive help me if I do not have a terminal condition?
►   Will my Advance Directive be followed in an emergency if I cannot make my wishes known?