Medical equipment such as hospital beds, walkers, commode chairs, oxygen, etc. is not covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit and must be purchased or rented from a home medical equipment company. Medicare covers some of these items under the Medicare DME benefit. There may be a co-pay for these items. Oxygen equipment, beds, etc. are not covered by the Home care benefit but may be covered by Medicare.

Supplies, Medicare Bundled Services

Under Medicare's Home Health Prospective Payment System, some of the supplies you routinely use must be provided through your home health agency while you are a home health patient. 

Supplies you routinely use (such as ostomy supplies) should be discussed with your nurse or therapist.  They will make arrangements to have the supplies provided to you during your admission.

If you choose to use another supplier, such as a mail order house, pharmacy or local medical supply company, these companies cannot bill Medicare for covered supplies while you are a patient of home health.  If you do not get supplies from Mountain States HomeCare and decide to purchase supplies from someone else, you will be required to pay for the supplies yourself.  Following your discharge from home health, you may return to whatever company or supply provider you have used in the past and Medicare can be billed for the supplies.

Intravenous Therapy in the Home

When you choose the agencies of Mountain States Health Alliance in Tennessee, we provide infusion therapy through Medical Center Infusion Therapy.

If your physician has ordered home infusion therapy:

Your doctor will explain the reason intravenous therapy is indicated in the treatment of your condition. Your nurse will provide additional information before beginning infusion therapy.

Some insurance plans have drug coverage. It is the patient's responsibility to pay for IV charges not covered by insurance. Our IV company can arrange for delivery and bill insurance if you have coverage.

Understand the possible complications of intravenous fluid therapy and report any of the following:

  • Inflammation of the vein (redness)
  • Leakage of fluid outside the vein if the device is accidentally dislodged (swelling)
  • Infection or allergic reaction related to a foreign body (redness and swelling)
  • Too rapid infusion of fluid
  • Disruption or blockage of infusion of fluid
  • You or any other responsible party will monitor the therapy prescribed, and notify the home health nurse if any complications arise.
  • Our licensed staff will take precautions to avoid the complications listed above, but complications may occur despite meticulous attention.
  • In the past, medications have not been covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit. However, Medicare D covers some medications. Other infusion-related charges are not covered. Medical Center Infusion and DME (MCIT) can provide information about infusion costs. Your pharmacy can evaluate your drug plan and provide additional information.
  • Administration time may vary within one hour of scheduled dosage.
  • In all cases, patients, family or friends will be taught to administer the IV therapy.  the patient must identify a willing caregiver.

Oxygen and Equipment safety:

  • Keep equipment clean and use according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Do not place oxygen concentrator in a closed space (ex. closet); do not cover concentrator with anything
  • Keep oxygen away from open flame. DO NOT SMOKE while using oxygen.
  • Register with your local utility as an oxygen user. 

Notice: Medicaid, private and Tenncare insurance have different regulations. your nurse/therapist will discuss these with you. If your physician orders home medical equipment, you may choose the specific company providing the service. If you have no preference, Mediserve Medical Equipment and Community Health Care, owned by Mountain States Health Alliance, will provide these services. You can reach MEDISERVE at 423-477-9806 or call the office with questions you may have about equipment needs - 423-431-6146.

In the Southwest Virginia area, COMMUNITY HOME CARE is available to provide equipment, lift chairs, diabetic meters and accessories, and mastectomy products at 276-679-5915 or 800-251-5915.

Mediserve Medical Equipment, owned and operated by Blue Ridge Medical Management Corp.,
a subsidiary of MSHA, is the area's leading home medical equipment provider.